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24 Season 8: 11-AM-12PM Quick Review

"The evidence is out there, eventually it will surface"- Ethan Kanin's foreshadowing dialogue from last week's episode.

Logan has a very shady conversation in which he reveals nothing with his man-servant but he shows us everything- that he's truly up to something evil. That makes me very happy... because it will allow Jack to eventually kill him.

Meanwhile, the Dynamic Duo of Bauer and Chico, Jr. are ready to storm the waterboarding party set by a mustachioed D.B. Sweeney. You can tell that Chico is completely stoked to be working with Bauer for real. The light in his eyes- such vigor and arousal! Gone are those worried frowns he wore for the entire season!

Jack & Chico enter the dingiest building in all of NYC (and that's saying something) with relative ease, subduing Colin Powell, Jr. in a matter of moments. And to draw out the others, Jack imitates the geeky black dude's voice to fake out the bad guys. Hmmm, a white guy imitating a black guy who sounds like a white guy. Ya know, this makes up for Jack's German accent from earlier this season. Oh yeah!

But things get even better within moments- as Jack kills D.B. Sweeney while Sweeney is busy telling Jack he can't kill him. People, this is why 24 is such an amazing show. It takes the conventions of the genre and kicks them in the face with a new twist time and again. How many times have we seen someone hold a person hostage and the good guy has to take the shot? Well, how many times have you seen the good guy take the shot without letting the bad guy say a full sentence? Awesome!

And before I can complete my happy dance over that scene, Jack kills several other "defense consultants" before you can say "Dammit!" After successfully liberating a suddenly sassy Dana Waterboarded Walsh, Jack gives her his word that he will let her go once she gives over the evidence exposing the bigger plot. She laughs at Jack. This makes Jack angry. A fight ensues. Jack points a gun at Walsh and then at Chico, Jr. who loses his cool for a moment. Crazy, man! I feel like the redneck soap opera is starting to come up again.

There's a bigger soap opera unfolding with the Presidents- Logan convinces Taylor to appoint his man-servant as a Presidential mole inside CTU. Heh- an official mole- the First Mole, perhaps? Absurdity times one thousand!!! Taylor has done some dumb things in the past few hours, but things are approaching ludicrous speed. I'm half expecting her to outlaw Ben Stiller movies just because she's the president! Well, that might actually make me an ardent supporter of the lady...

Enter the Ruskies. Minister Nopeaceinourtimeovich meets with Logan and it's revealed that Logan has joined the Russian conspiracy. He offers to help the Russians kill Jack Bauer. So, more misery awaits our intrepid one-man army. I love it. Line up the entire might of planet Earth- I want to see Jack beat them all into the dirt. And Logan seems to employ the old Klingon proverb which says "revenge is a dish that is best served cold!" Nobody photon-torpedoes Chuck Logan, baby!

Back at "Days of our Walsh" Chico, Jr. and Dana arrive at the bank where they got pre-approved for a home loan to retrieve the beloved evidence for Jack. Walsh keeps playing mind-games with Chico, Jr's single brain cell, causing my eyes to roll backwards at an alarming rate. Chico's old high school buddy (who used to be a derivatives trader, I imagine, before being demoted to bank teller) comes in and smiles like a cocky bastard with that "nobody will ever shoot me" look on his face. He drops off the safe deposit box, smiles again thinking "I'm still completely bullet-free!" and leaves. Chico opens the box and gets a face-full of a booby trap set by Walsh. The noise this makes causes Day Trader to pop his head back in the room and before he can smile any bigger, he gets shot, ending his self-realized awesomeness forever. Poor effin' bastard! Walsh throws a lucite-covered chip in her back pocket and looks at an unconscious Chico one last time, deciding not to kill him, telling the audience that she's not a completely evil person. I guess the sex they had was that good.

Walsh escapes while Jack gets apprehended by two NYPD officers. They hold Jack in custody for a matter of 40 seconds before Jack gets out of the situation by sheer grit and determination... and shooting one of the cops in the foot. He follows Walsh into a conveniently abandoned building right off Lexington Ave, where the real estate is always in high demand. Once Walsh runs out of bullets, Jack corners her and forces her to hand over the evidence. With nothing left to do, Walsh pleads for her life. Jack does what he's done before... what he did to Nina Myers after she killed his wife. He commits cold-blooded murder! Adios, Dana Walsh. Millions of 24 fans cheer your demise!

That being the case, I am a bit disturbed by psycho Jack so far. But I suppose that's the whole idea, right?

Oh yeah, how about CTU desk jockey Devon Rosenthal?
Asian Jews! Only in NY, people!


PJ said...

Oh, NO. I'm not disturbed at all. My inner Jack is screaming "hooray, she got not quite what she deserved." She deserved MUCH more than a couple of bullets. So, I don't think he's psycho. I think he just did what I've wanted to do since she appeared on screen at the beginning of the season! Ding dong, the witch is dead. Thank JACK! Honestly, she deserved much worse than what she got.

And, no, not killing Chico, Jr., saved her any of my wrath. She didn't hesitate to kill the bank employee. Why? Because she's EVIL and Jack destroys evil.

Murder? Nah. I call it justice. And, no, I'm not sick. I'm sure you're not old enough to remember this rocking TV show called The Equalizer. In a way, he was a very civilized Jack. And he full well knew what he was doing and the consequences of his actions. In fact, the most poignant episode of The Equalizer, for me, was when he admitted that he knew he was doomed, but would do it all again to help those who could not help themselves. That's Jack. The 20th century Equalizer. Now if he can just get to Logan and cronies . . .

drsw36 said...

The final moment between Jack & Dana was intense! See ya Dana.

According too the preview for next week the guy who killed Renee is next! Can't wait to see that!

Go psycho Jack!

Brian Pelts said...

What's the big deal with killing Dana? She'll just mysteriously turn back up in a few episodes before disappearing again.

Stefernie said...

I almost see Dana's death as a mercy killing. Not that she didn't deserve much more, she did, but he gave her a more humane death than Russia or even Logan's people were gonna give her. I think Jack saw her as a loose end/cannon just like Russia/Logan did.

Poor Jack. You know he respects cops so he apologizes before shooting him in the foot.

And it is wrong that I was giddy when I saw him with that blowtorch and Renee's killer in the previews?

Brian Pelts said...

Oh, and I'm not gonna lie; I cheered when Jack capped Dana. By the time this season's over, Zodiac Motherfucker is gonna have a lifetime of Great Moments In Ownage thanks to Psycho Jack.

Brittany said...

Holy frick. Ah, 24 mixed bag of emotions, welcome back. Anger. Irritation. Vengeance. Violence. Bloodshed. Shake it up and you're good to go!

Unfortunately I must paraphrase, but the whole "You shoot me and she dies, so you can't---" BANG! scene = Greatest. Moment. Ever.

But UGH how this show makes me want to HURT people. That douche bag who's taking over the Jack Bauer Manhunt – what a tool; and what a "we all knew there had to be at least one more irritating struggle for CTU authority" situation. Although this one's a bit different; they're not just getting in Jack’s way, they're trying to kill him. So props on the variety. But still, these stupid jackass outsiders make me want to throw up in disgust and then throw something at them in anger.

Speaking of Anger. Uh, hello, was Cole really that stupid that he stood there like a brick a foot away from an unidentified beeping object inside the gun-containing mystery box of a known traitor? Uh, hellooo. Stupid = annoying = angering. (::eye roll::)

I have to say though, I didn’t see the (you know, THE) Jack/Dana moment coming. That one really did take me by surprise. And can I just be a girl for a moment, but oh how [some sort of emotional] that a tear rolled off Jack’s face at that moment. Aw. (Or something; I’m not really good with emotions. But I feel like this is probably a sentimental one, an "aw" moment. No? (???) )

And *SPOILER-PHOBES BEWARE* - but OOH DANG I love the preview for next week. Can I just say, the promise of a certain someone’s sizzling flesh brings a great big giant smile to my face. :) :) :)

Spencer said...

I'm not personally all that sympathetic to Dana for not killing Cole. All she would've done was waste ammo, not that it made much of a difference in the long run....

Brittany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hatch said...

"What can I do?"



Spencer said...

Brittany: Yaaay, a girl that's psychotic! My life long dreams have been to see one of such existence. I always said that they were out there, but no, no one listened to me.

You should've tried out for the part of Renee, or at least Larry.

Brian Pelts said...

Did anyone else yell out "Toepick!" when Jack gave D.B. Sweeney the BOOM HEADSHOT treatment? Anyone? No? Just me? *shrugs* Well, okay then.

Brittany said...

@Spencer - Larry!? Larry?! He's more of a girl than I am! But I...I think I'ma take the rest of that comment as a good :) (For a moment I thought I'd try to play the "What? Are you calling me crazy?" card, until I realized...yeah, I pretty much forfeited any right to that one a looong time ago.) :)

And Pelty - No, I...I did not yell out "Toepick!" when said BOOM HEADSHOT treatment was administered. Is this another one of those "nerd puddle" terms I have yet to learn? Enlighten me. No, wait - I'll google it.
::One minute later:: --Oh my goodness! :\

Adam said...

"Eeees toe pick!"

Brittany said...

Whew. That's pretty much way better than what Urban Dictionary had to say, which was a whole lotta lewd. Yechk. Gracias for the pointer.

Spencer said...

Brittany: It's meant to be a good thing, though I'm sure most guys out there would prefer you to be tied and about to be run over by a train with the words "I'm a damsel in distress" stamped on your forehead. I hope it makes you hate guys as much as it makes me. (Yes, I hate my own kind. Watcha gonna do? huh? huh?)

lenasbeat said...

This is such an awesome commentary. You should be on the DVDs! SO effing glad Dana's dead...and so excited for Jack to torture that sniper next weekend!

Adam said...

@lenasbeat- Thank you, Lena. You have an excellent site as well-- people, click on her name and check it out.

@Brittany- I just checked into that Urban Dictionary thing- yikes! You know Pelty is not prone to making such references! He is hombre bueno!

Brittany said...

GAH!!! I did indeed go to Lena's site - Hi, Lena! - and I see the mention of "up north to the Prescott area"?? Oh, hell no!! Where do you refer to? :)

@Spencer, I gotta think about that one a bit.

P.S. hombre bueno. He he. :)

Spencer said...

Hey Adam, I just want to say that first of all, get used to me and my weird comments that bleed pride. I will have no mercy.

Second of all, your blog is awesome. I'm loving the reviews and what you've been writing about the shows and characters. They're funny as hell, and you do make some very good points. All that's missing is Chloe's diary. (As if she doesn't have one.)

Being a little more serious, I wish that you would consider going back and reviewing all the seasons of 24, especially after the season ends. That'll keep you busy for some time, and give us fans something to read every now and then. (Yeah, that's always nice.)

I do hope that you take this comment as a compliment and not the strangest thing you've ever read.

Look at name that's over this

Spencer said...

Brittany: Be merciful.

Adam said...

@Spencer- Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them a great deal. I'm not a tough moderator, in case you were wondering. I just ask that people treat each other with maturity and respect, because I value everyone that visits this site. I'm sure you'll hold up your end of the bargain without a problem.

As for retro-reviews, I haven't made any official announcements yet, but I might as well let you all know here and now that I will be going back and reviewing Seasons 1-5 here, starting this summer. I think I'll cover an episode or 2 every week, in the same style as I've been doing with current episodes. This blog isn't going anywhere as long as you are all interested in coming back.

Brian Pelts said...


Dietcoke said...

Wow. What a great episode! Loved it. Dana was so amazing I can't tell you how much I liked her. She may be the best liar in 24 history.

Jack has had revenge kills before so that isn't anything new. Still, there is a feel about Jack that says something isn't right this time.

Chloe wanting Jack to have grief counseling and a psych eval was telling.

brandon curtis said...

That Jack-Dana chase was great, finally an action scene that utilized the multi-camera split screen technique to full effect. I also love his anguished double nothings.

Cole totally got Mike Doyled in the bank it was pretty gay. Also, totally mature the way Jack pulled out his gun and aimed it at Cole after being pushed down.

Chloe was really showing the vast array of snarls, scoffs and eyerolls that she possesses. Also, Devon Rosenthal the Asian Jew is not strictly a New York phenomenon, it is, however, not strictly a Los Angeles phenomenon either...sorry Donlee Brussel. Devon Rosenthal was in the final season of Prison Break as the most annoying and put upon geek genius ever. I like him way better here.

These last four hours are going to own.

P.S. Not to be a shameless self promoter but I wrote a review of Kick Ass if anybody wants to read it.

Spencer said...

@Adam(Is that the normal way of doing it? With the "@"? Wow, I DO learn things on this blog.

Thanks, and I do hope that this place keeps going.

And obviously, I look forward to all the characters stamps that are inevitable. As long as Sheri gets like, a 2.

brandon curtis said...

just click on thee old name, it'll be the first post.

Adam said...

@brandon- you're always welcome to promote your site here.

@ditecoke- agreed re: Walsh- she rivaled Nina Myers in her ability to deceive and kill as well!

Alexander said...

I must first say everyone made good points. Adam, I enjoy reading your review.

I knew it would be a cool episode but I thought Jack would be able to contain himself when he entered the safe house using non lethal force. When Jack popped Sweeny, I immediately said, "Oh Sh*t! There's going to a lot of death tonigh!!!"

Allison Taylor has officially dissappointed me beyond repair. How Logan continues to play Taylor like Super Mario World amazes me. It took me a long time to figure out that you hold A while running up the stairs and jump to get the 5000 point flag but Logan has it mastered. The "First Mole" concept isn't new. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Logan's Chief of Staff put a First mole in before. Eh I guess Logan has to protect his investment.

I have a prediction that Jack will realize that he truly has no interest in Justice at all. He will then use the evidence to black mail Taylor so that he Kill all the Russians that he can with his bare hands and the remaining ammo in his Super Jack Sack XXL. He will also squeeze Logan in for killing David Palmer. Jack never forgets.

As my wife and I watched the episode, she was surprised how Jack flipped the script on the Police. I had to remind her who Jack was "That Jack B*TCH! Haven't you heard!" I guess she hadn't. Eh.

The Jack Dana chase was pretty interesting. At the end when she asked "What can I do?" it puzzled me. Dana realized before I did that she was going to die. And that is what happened. I enjoyed watching Dana's eyes roll about before she got the second shot. Good acting if I must say. It was nice to see her go. She was a very irritating character to begin with. I'm just glad she served her purpose and moved on.

In the preview, it hints that Chloe will find out that Russians are after Jack. I wonder if she will detain First Mole for "questioning" or if there will be any interesting conflict between her authorities and first mole. I like "you there, help her out" I think Chloe should stood her ground and said something like, "he's doing something for me" or something. Eh

We'll See

Spencer said...

We can promote our stuff? do this-thing-that-I've-just-done-oh-son-of-a-bitch.

Ah, no need to flee. Just my 4-minute pilot to my unfunny series. Feel free to take a watch. I'd particurlarly be intereted in your opinion Adam, not that my jokes can ever compare to your mighty humor.

Spencer said...

Also, I'm suprised that no one has brought up the fact that this is the first season where a third main cast member has been killed off. Hooray for bloodbath!

Granny Annie said...

Melodrama involves booing and hissing the villain. Last night's episode had this little girl's dream come true as she watched the surprising demise of Dana/Jenny. It was a clapping, shouting and whistling event. Woo Hoo. Now I simply move forward in blood lust for Charles Logan. He will get his just desserts since this is the final season and I'm just sure our pal Jack will deliver the good tidings.

(As a former banker I would be remiss if I did not add that had she lived, Dana Walsh would have a huge liability suit against her bank for the flagrant mishandling of her safe deposit box. Her case would probably be thrown out when she called it her "safety" deposit box again.)

I am starting to believe that our beloved 24 is going to go out with it's head held high.

Rickey Henderson said...

Rickey also heartily enjoyed Devon Rosenthal's wholly irrelevant moment.

Your comment about being disturbed by "Psycho Jack" confuses Rickey however. This is a guy who has done countless horrific things over the course of the series run and suddenly popping a despised character is crossing the line?

Ozogo Meticulate said...

Never has there been a more pressing use of the phrase, "Do you Know who I am?"

Brian Pelts said...

I'll be okay with it if "I'm JACK FUCKING BAUER!" moments become standard for the balance of the series, because they make me jump up and yell "FUCK YEAH!!!" Especially when they're immediately followed by redshirts getting shot in the foot.

Charlie said...

Hmm. I'm gonna see the season through to the end (might as well do it now) but this season has gone from full retard to rather boring. I'm in this like I signed a contract.

Random thoughts in no particular order:
Cole's a moron, but we already knew that. The scene where he pushes Jack over was badly acted. The acting from Freddie boy is becoming more and more forced. What else is new?

Jack with a revolver instead of his stand-in USP 9mm is kickass, but I'd rather see him bust out Roland Deschain pistols just for the shits and giggles.

I lol'd when Dana put on the "damsel in distress" mode during the call from the bank. Now THAT was acting.

I was startled when I heard the gunshot when Jack shot The Bitch. I actually was thinking in the back of my head that he'd let her go. Then when I thought about it, it made sense that he killed her and was definitely in character. Part of me was thinking maybe Jack would get softer now that he's a Grandpa.

Chloe is being about as much of a moron as Cole is. She needs to grow a pair and resign. She's no longer in effective control of CTU. Officially she's still acting director, but as CTU is now focused on finding Jack, now that #2 is in charge of the manhunt, Chloe's effectively not in charge and should just call up the president with her resignation to make a point. It's a ridiculous charade.

Great review, though. Props. I wish I had found this site earlier and been following it season by season. I'm always a day late and a dollar short.

Joseph Lisee said...

Boo to you people talking about the previews. They ruin the 24 suspense by telegraphing plot twists. Its so lame that the creators think they need to show people part of the next episode to get them to watch. Its a serial drama with each episode having a cliff hanger ending, they don't need anything else.

@Adam keep up the good work, I look forward to your earlier reviews, I might just watch along.

Adam said...

@Alexander- I think your predictions are on the money- we're going to see Jack move away from "Justice" and go for flat-out revenge. I think the idea of killing Renee was to provide some symmetry with what made Jack the character we all adored from Season 1, when at the end he lost his wife. The writers are making parallels with the early days of the show and what's happening now. I think it works well, even if it's a bit unsettling (to me).

@Annie- I too have a pet peeve with the term "safety deposit box"-- one of our language's widespread failings, in my opinion. But we are both here to correct them, right?

@Rickey- Well, I think Jack was supposed to have reached a Zen place at the end of last season and this current character arc has undone all of that progress and healing. Sure, if Jack was happy or at peace, it would make for a pretty dull season (which most of Season 8 felt like with Jack sitting in a car for an entire episode, etc.) but seeing him murder Walsh was a major step backwards for the guy, and I felt upset by that scene.

@Ozogo- Right on! Did you see those NYPD officers' faces? "Yeah, we know who you are and we didn't bring enough firepower" was what they were thinking. Poor bastards!

@Pelty- dude, we need to hang. You're a legit beast, and I mean that in the best way possible.

@Charlie- Thank you very much- I'm glad you found my site too! Keep coming back, I've got some stuff lined up post-finale that I hope you enjoy.

Adam said...

@Joseph- thank you too! I think we should get a crew together to watch them all together- even if we do one episode a week, I think we can get some good discussion going on. What say the rest of you? Got the DVDs? If not, go get them!

Adam said...

And of course, Hatch picks the best scene of the whole episode. What can you say about that? Jack is becoming the man Walsh says he would- a killer. How far will it go? We're about to find out.

Sunny said...

I can get the dvd's from my library. That's how I watched the first 4 seasons.

I must warn you, if Jack is in the house there is no way you can stop at just one episode a week. I couldn't stop at just one episode a day. Jack is like Crack to a 24 fan. You're always jonesing for your next fixed.

Adam said...

@Sunny- I know, I know- I didn't start watching 24 until Season 5 was airing, and I went out and bought the first 4 seasons on DVD and watched the entire run within a month. I was doing 8-hr marathon sessions. It was the most enjoyable viewing experience I've ever had, and it led me to starting this blog.

I will try to keep a less intense pace though so we can keep a group viewership thing going- and so that I can stretch out my content a bit too ;)

Maybe 2 episodes a week? Oh boy... we'll see!

Sunny said...

@ Adam - yeah, watching 24 marathons is one thing. It's a whole different animal when you start to blog about it. One episode a week is probably the way to go. Since it will be the second time around for me I think I can control myself. Well, sort of...

Adam said...

@Sunny- Well, as long as you keep coming back, I'm happy. What you do in your own free time is completely your business. Are there any other shows you like that we can throw into the mix? I'm open to ideas.

Adam said...

@PJ- waaaaaay up at the top of this discussion thread-- I watched The Equalizer religiously. Edward Woodward was awesome. That's a tough sunovabitch right there. Awesome show.

Sunny said...

@ Adam - 24 is way out of the norm of what I usually watch on tv. Not sure others would want to blog about The Big Bang Theory, Big Brother or Survivor.

I think it would be interesting if we chose classic movies and discuss them. We could maybe put a list of movies we would like to watch and discuss. Some of my favorite movies are The Godfather, The Godfather II, Goodfellas, The Shawshank Redemption and Silence of the Lambs.

I must admit I stay away from most of the sci-fi, fantasy type stuff like LOTR, Harry Potter and Star Trek. Although I did like the last Star Trek movie that came out last summer.

One Sci-fi show that was kinda cool was Farscape. It was so out there, it was amazing. I think I watched 1 or 2 seasons, but don't know if they made any more after that.

Spencer said...

@Adam- Sorry. Not trying to break the rules.

Cirroc said...

....while I have mentioned before that your world of '24' frightens and confuses me, allow this simple caveman to say that Jack should have said "Did You See the Sunrise?" while dispatching is the tradition when offing Russian spies...

55 said...

Wow, that was intense. Jenny was obnoxious but Dana was a pretty great villain.

I don't think it was exactly like Nina. Jack spared her once but killed her years later. Though I guess she went to jail, and Dana was just going to walk.

Jack shouldn't have offed her just yet though- what if the video file is encrypted or password protected or something?

I think he's finally snapped.

Brian Pelts said...

If the file's encrypted, Jack will just yell at it until it unencrypts itself.

Brittany said...

I'm not opposed to deleting posts. :)

Dr. Alice said...

After the finale, first I thought "Jack's gone stone-cold psycho."

Then I thought "He's gone Nihilist."

Then I finally realized, "No, he's gone Tony. He's exactly where Tony was at the end of last season."

I actually warmed somewhat to Dana Walsh this episode. Not that I like her character, but to see her focused and intent on survival was really something. She's a match for Jack, a shadow version of Renee. And I had to give her props for looking Mr. Waterboard in the eye and saying, "Bring it on, you son of a bitch." Katee Sackhoff finally got a decent episode; too bad the writers jacked around with her character for the first half of the season.

I'm kinda hoping Logan survives, because it would be so great to see Greg Itzin in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment from one in the peanut gallery watching this thread -- but IMHO Jack didn't kill Dana. He put her down but he didn't kill her.

Anonymous said...


Adam said...

@Anonymouses- you're gonna have to distinguish yourselves from each other, or else this will be one of those situations where we watch two identical people fight- which one is the good one and which is the evil one? OMG!

Dr. Alice said...

I actually thought the writing and directing of this episode was rather subtle. The intention as I see it was to allow the audience to identify (slightly) with Dana, and to realize that Jack is now in full on execution mode. I don't see though why they are so determined to leave us with such a downer of a season. Everybody's bad/compromised, and Jack, our "hero," is now just another stone cold killer. Thanks, writers.

But Logan pretending to finish the phone call after President Taylor hung up on him! How ROTFL was that? Nice touch.

Adam said...

@Cirroc- unfrozen '80s caveman with that Magnum P.I. reference. Awesome.

@55- if Walsh had any leverage (like a password encryption) she would have used it because she knew Jack wanted to kill her before even Jack knew!

@Dr. Alice- Doc, you're right- the writers are really playing the downer stuff to the hilt. And someone else mentioned it above as well, but thanks for reminding me of Logan's phone shenanigans. What a great moment- just a broken man trying desperately to get himself "back in the arena." Where would Itzin be without Richard Nixon to kick around? I love it.

Anonymous said...

Was this the first dead at the end of an episode without a silent clock?

Well, that bitch wouldn't deserve it anyway..

Spencer said...

Brittany: Is there another way I can write to you?

Spencer said...

@Adam- Maybe they both Anonymous is both of their real names.

I can picture it now.

"Hello, my name is Anonymous. Anonymous Dick."

And no, I'm not trying to insult anyone, just using their lack of identity as a tool for a crappy joke. MWAHAHAHA.

Charlie said...

Speaking of "safety" deposit boxes, I find that misuse easier to forgive than any time I hear Jack say "Nucular." God, that grinds my gears. It bothers me to no end that the pronunciation is becoming widespread despite nearly universal disapproval from language experts. There's even a Wikipedia article about it. Oy vey.

BauerLuver said...

Hey Adam,
I'm new to this blog but i've been a 24 fan for a long time and I just wanted to say how much i enjoy the stuff you post! I really like the idea of you posting the reviews for the previous seasons because there are so many great Jack Bauer moments in seasons 1-5 that should be appreciated!!! I'd definately follow and I'm sure the other fans of this blog would too!! Thanks so much for these hilarious posts and keep it up!!

Adam said...

@Charlie- that's a pretty funny Wiki article. Great find!

@BauerLuver- thank you so much for your comment. Alright! We're building a post-24 world! Let's do this thing!

Synbios said...

"Well, how many times have you seen the good guy take the shot without letting the bad guy say a full sentence? Awesome!"

Firefly 1st episode, when Mal shoots Agent Dobson.

And yes, it's awesome :D. It was moreless the same situation ^_^

Dr. Alice said...


How about running a poll on our favorite Jack kills?

Think of the choices: Fire ax to the chest? Teeth to the throat? The fabled neck snap via thigh? Or blowing away the bad guy in mid-sentence? There are so many to choose from!

Rob said...

Long time fan of your reviews, first comment ever:

The first thing I always do after watching 24 is going directly to TheJackSack (I live in the UK) and enjoy every single word of your reviews, AWESOME work sir :).

After this short fan-boy paragraph, I just want to say that being the last friggin Season, somehow, I'm still hoping to see Aaron Pierce and Tony Almeida before the end... Do any of you believe the writers will find the way to bring (at least one of) them in? :(.

Quoting Kasia, from AIG: "I still yearn for a last minute Tony Almeida appearance. I would even settle for the final scene of the series being Bauer getting tossed in jail for going rogue and probably killing Logan, and seeing Tony from across the crowded prison yard."

Amen to that!.

Cirroc said...

...."Well, how many times have you seen the good guy take the shot without letting the bad guy say a full sentence? Awesome!"

...'Raiders of the Lost Ark', when Indy drops the scimitar-wielding Egyptian thug with one shot....the thug utters NO words!

(..and though this internet world of '24' frightens and confuses me, let me point out that I am the first to ever use the term 'scimitar-wielding' on The Jack Sack!)

Spencer said...

**Slight Spoilers**
President Suvarov is returning to the finale. No Aaron, no Tony, but we get to see Suvarov again. I think the writers are trying to lower our expectations.

Chloe said...

OMG love this blog, takes 24 as seriously as i do lol.
just found an 24 DVD set on ebay with the funniest description have a look

Spencer said...

Wow, that was great.

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